On the Issues

Many communities have formed Community Improvement Corporations (CICs) and they are used to facilitate economic redevelopment within the municipality. For example, Westlake has been successfully using its CIC since 1975 to develop many of the thriving retail areas within the city. CICs allow the hosting city to better direct economic development versus just trusting developers to create the vision the city has for a certain area. The TCIC was established, under the direction of the Ohio Revised Code, to allow Twinsburg to creatively work with developers in the revitalization of our downtown area. All TCIC meetings have involved the potential selection of a development partner to carry out the vision for the downtown area set forth in Twinsburg’s Comprehensive Plan. TCIC is a 501(c)(3) and must report all of its financial activity on an annual basis on IRS form 990, which is open to the public to view. The TCIC has no employees and all of the Board members are serving voluntarily. I am the Vice Chair and a proponent of the TCIC. I have worked with other CICs and have seen the positive impact they have on the community and the initiation of economic development within the city. As mayor of Twinsburg, I will work alongside the TCIC to advance and guide the resurgence of downtown Twinsburg.