Twinsburg strives to be a welcoming, active and visionary community where our residents can live, work, and enjoy life. To continue Twinsburg’s successful path I am committed to:

  • Keep our Administration focused on a balanced budget and fiscally responsible spending.
  • Enhance the relationship with the Township, Reminderville and other adjacent communities and seek ways to share resources and expenses.
  • Continually seek ways to reduce expenditures without jeopardizing the City’s current level of municipal services.
  • Safety of our residents.
  • Create policy that will maintain proper staffing levels for our Police and Fire departments.
  • Continue to maintain an adequate service fleet that will keep our roadways clean and safe and maintain the high level of municipal services our residents enjoy.
  • Develop programming for our residents on current safety and environmental issues.
  • Twinsburg needs to remain focused on creating a business friendly environment which will attract a diverse industrial mix ultimately translating into job opportunities and an expanded tax base.
  • Develop a viable downtown business district that promotes walkability for residents and opportunities for family event programming.
  • Seek programs that will attract businesses to Twinsburg and prevent our current businesses from relocating.
  • Quality of Life for All Residents
  • City programming of a variety of recreational and cultural activities throughout the community for residents and visitors.
  • Maintain our close working relationship and strong partnership with our School District.
  • Create better connectivity to our parks and trail system.
  • Support and enhance the social activities and services for our growing senior community.